David Beckham, Pride of Brazil

September 6, 2020 By soccercrazyco

Brazil is one of the most attractive areas for investing in international real estate. David Beckham’s recent visit to Natal confirmed that one Christmas area is ideal for investment. The soccer star has established a new soccer academy at Natal and decribes the territory as a place for extraordinary celebrities and developments. One of the most famous football stars on the planet David Beckham has announced plans for a football academy at Christmas Brazil. He described the new facility as one of the best in the world. During his visit he explained that Christmas is a place of joy shaking because of the new hotels and properties in the area. The Lavish Spice husband also feels that Brazilian Christmas is an area that will attract celebrities and other football stars. David Beckham has announced a scholarship program available for local Brazilian children to actively reach out to schools in the region. She hopes that children will benefit from on-site coaching and access to upscale facilities, much in the same way as the Academies in London and Los Angeles. 

Brazilian F1 champion

 Rubens Barrichello, the Brazilian F1 champion, was also involved in the development, as well as Norwegian multi-millionaire entrepreneur Torben Frantzen, brother of the founder of Findus Geir Frantzen. Natal, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, is about 2600 km north of Sao Paulo along the country’s northeast coast. The city, which has 710,000 inhabitants, is an increasingly popular target for international investors and real estate developers. The spectacular location along the ocean and miles of undeveloped beaches north and south of the city makes it ideal for those looking to get into the up and coming terrain. Natal and surrounding areas are currently the target of more than one billion dollars (US) in development. At least 10 golf courses are planned or under construction and dozens of new housing, apartment and resort developments are also under construction. The city and its surrounding communities are major tourist destinations for domestic tourists in Brazil. The area is marketed as an international tourist destination as well, and the city is becoming increasingly popular with foreigners. Rio Grande do Norte’s economy was centered on agriculture and livestock until the early 1980s, when the government began investing heavily in the natural beauty and coastal climate and tourism potential. Tourism is a major economic driver with miles of undeveloped coastline attracting visitors, investors, retirees and workers. On the northwest coast, centered around the city of Macau, there is also a fair amount of petrochemical development, leading to a diverse economy. 

David Beckham Has To Explain Football To Amazon Forest

 The average annual temperature at Christmas is around 27 degrees and the sun seems to shine almost every day. Most of the states are fairly dry, although the area south from Natal to the border does have a rainy season, from April to June. It rained for several hours, but the sun was still out most days. The largest development and real estate opportunities for investors, both domestic and international, are located around the city of Natal. The coastlines to the north and south of the city are where all the major developments are being built. With a tropical atmosphere and pristine weather, this is the perfect place. David Beckhams’ seal of approval for Christmas will make him the pride of Brazil