Looking at Fulham F.C.

September 6, 2020 By soccercrazyco

As the oldest professional football club in all of London, Fulham is very modest about this award. Given the ennobling tawdry of four other London clubs who seem to feel the need to exclaim at every turn, both the team and the fans are stronger, kind of silent. This isn’t to say the Cottagers weren’t an ardent supporter of their boy. No, it’s just that they’d rather focus on playing the sport than building themselves up like every other London team. 

Fulham Football Club

 A peacekeeper in the arena of fierce cross-city competition, it’s worth mentioning that Fulham only has one London rival at Chelsea (but who doesn’t?). And unlike Tottenham, Arsenal and West Ham downplaying “rich kid” clubs, Fulham’s complaint is the only one that has merit: Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium is situated right in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Talk about imposing! Ready firmly amidst the rankings so far, Fulham is likely to have a solid showing in the 2011 season. With absolute support in manager Mark Hughes and former Harrods CEO Mohammed Al-Fayed, Fulham’s squad – led by midfielder Danny Murphy – will be interesting to see how. The Cottagers were fair as they entered the final half of the season. 

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 Prefer to support London’s most annoying club? Why not take in Fulham’s home game when next visiting hotels in Kensington? Situated on a field once used for hunting by Anne Boelyn and her associates, the Craven Cottage Stadium is easily accessible to guests of the Kensington hotel via Putney Bridge Station. Easily the most charming stadium in an equally charming part of London, a visit to Craven Cottage is well worth it when in the capital.