Premier League All This Week

September 6, 2020 By soccercrazyco

In a Premier League match on 21 February, Arsenal have registered a third consecutive goalless draw this weekend and this score will prove to be a bonus for the upcoming fixtures. 

Premier League Fixtures

 The match remained level with the score 0-0 as both teams tried their best to get the lead but failed. Meanwhile, the Arsenal coach knows that their team’s win against Sunderland will bring them closer to qualifying for the championship. However, the match works in its favor only if Arsenal win it. But despite a bright first-half performance by Andrew Arshavin, the Arsenal players could not break Sunderland’s stubborn defense. In the early stages, Robin Van Persie cut the heat wide and Kolo Toure had cleared the header line in injury time during the first half. But eye catching player Arshavin faded away, which gave Arsenal a pretty good chance to get their opponents lead. Following this fixture, Arsenal remain unbeaten from 13 games but pulling out a football result for further matches could drop their ranking position. In the last match, Arsenal did not get a win over Tottenham in their last league fixture as a 0-0 draw took a run of 11 games without a loss. In the last 11 games, Arsenal have won in 5 matches and 6 matches have drawn a draw which saw them to get 21 points out of 33. This excellent performance put the team in 4th place in the league table. 

Week 9 EPL Results

 Meanwhile, the opposing team Sunderland beat Stoke City with a good 2-0 lead in the last match which allowed them to win three games in a row without losing. Sunderland won two games; two were drawn and one was missing which led them to get 8 points out of fifteen. The last time Arsenal beat Sunderland 3-2 was last year but this season when they have faced each other, the situation remains tying with 1-1 on both sides. Arsenal need only four points to get 4th in the league table against Chelsea. Hence, they are trying their best to win this match as it will improve their ranking position and also bring moments of joy in the form of live football scores. Arsenal missed the participation of Tomas Rosicky (hamstring), Emmanuel Adebayor (hamstring), and Cesc Fabregas (knee) whose absences proved not so good for the team’s best performance. It is sad to note that Sunderland’s fast pace and fluid approach to play do not match past performances in this match, Andy Reid weeping past and Whitehead being denied several times by Almunia. Meanwhile Arsenal looked unfairly unwell in front of goal as they were unable to score even one goal. In any case, it was a great match as it will not bring disappointment to fans of both teams. Don’t miss these great match reviews, just log on to to review your hero’s live soccer action.